Services Provided


Kundalini Yoga and meditation therapy course for the woman warrior to soothe her spirit and activate her journey towards post traumatic growth


Kundalini Yoga and meditation therapy course for combat veterans to reboot your spirit and activate post-traumatic GROWTH

Private Kundalini Yoga Therapy Session
Private Group Kundalini Yoga Therapy Session


Each PRIVATE practice is unique to the individual/group and is customizable based on your needs and the symptoms you are experiencing. We will work TOGETHER to heal.

​For information on dates and time for the next 8-week class series, please email me at We will make sure you are placed with a group that best fits your needs and comfort levels

*For those who are being treated for PTSD, we will initially stick to specifically designed kriyas and meditations for healing of traumatic events. The environment and length of practice will be customized to YOUR comfort levels.

​ We can work, as a team, with your health care professionals, and you are welcome to bring a friend or loved one to our initial meeting.