Kundalini Yoga & Trauma Healing

Testimonials from past PTSD therapy participants

“You cannot feel control of your life until you feel safe in your body. After participating in the Kundalini Yoga Trauma Course, for the first time in years, I feel safe.

“The Kundalini Yoga Trauma Course has challenged and moved my trauma in ways that prior to starting, I didn’t think was possible. The yoga practice has been transformative. I have found that even through this trauma I have an inner teacher in myself too.”
What is Kundalini Yoga??

Kundalini yoga is a comprehensive yoga which combines meditation, mantra, physical exercises, and breathing techniques to heal and awaken the full potential of each human. It works to balance the nervous and glandular systems, and expands and balances all chakras.

What makes it unique?
It’s power. The varying focus of each practice allows for customized strengthening and healing and the effects are felt rapidly.

Kundalini Yoga & Trauma Healing

Through Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, the person does not have to continue to relive the traumatic experience in order to be healed. The subconscious mind has the ability to integrate and process the trauma without a conscious connection to it.

During our time together we will use movement, mantra, and breath to strengethen our nervous system, our endocrine system, and balance our brain so that our body is ready and strong enough to integrate the trauma.

You will learn to utilize the tools you have inside yourself.

Types of Trauma treated include (but are not limited to):
-Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)
-Sexual Abuse
-Emotional Abuse
-First Responders ​

Symptoms addressed
-Disconnection/Inability to be present
-Chronic Anxiety/Depression
-Numbness to emotions
-Chronic unexplained body pain
-Boundary concerns
-Unexplained anger
-Obsessive thoughts
-Difficulty sleeping