About Me

I’m a personal health advocate, using the tools and medicine of Kundalini Yoga and meditation (as taught by Yogi Bhajan) to facilitate and inform the healing and treatment of trauma. Through my background working with the military, my experiences, and my Kundalini yoga training certifications to teach to and heal those suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), I am uniquely qualified to serve those suffering from trauma. I am inspired to empower our veterans to take a more active role in their own healing, and give them the tools necessary to be fully present in their and their family’s lives again.
In addition to direct teaching and healing, I use my experience navigating and fighting for Department of Defense financial resources to advocate for nationwide programs and resources to support alternative medicine healing modalities for veterans. Working in this space, my goal is to make yoga and meditation trauma therapy available to ALL those that suffer.

​This is my contribution to the uplifting currently going on in the world.

So how did I get here? For the past decade, I have worked for the DoD where I interact with the men and women of the armed services on a daily basis. I have seen firsthand the impact of the sacrifices and challenges our war-fighters and their families have to bear. As well, I’ve seen again and again how the medical system available to them can often fall short.
In 2012, I transitioned from a job where I split my time in between the Pentagon and the Washington Navy Yard and eventually found myself moving across the country with my then-partner to California. There, my life shifted dramatically. Short after the move, that relationship ended and I was standing in a new life I hadn’t planned for. I felt a bit adrift and needing support. By chance I found myself in a Kundalini class. The very next morning I felt a deep, undeniable, strengthening within me. At that moment, the world was mine and I was compelled to know everything about this incredible practice that I knew could change lives. I immediately signed up for teacher training.

It was during that teacher training that the pieces came together. I had learned early on through my own battles with depression and anxiety in high school and college that the traditional health care route was not the only way through challenges. Right off, my bodymind rejected the anti-depressants I was prescribed and I learned then that by taking my health in my own hands by changing my diet, exercise routine and thought patterns, I could provide myself with a more profound and sustainable transformational effect than any Doctor or drug could. Now with Kundalini Yoga and further training in Yoga Therapy, I have an even more powerful tool to heal, empower, and uplift others.

When I’m not teaching workshops or working one-on-one with clients in DC or California, you can find me with my husband, Justin, in Costa Rica, living Pura Vida.